Against Introspection »

February 2018

A speculative manifesto imagining a utopian present for intertextual videogame development. Written very quickly for Manifesto Jam 2018 » and later exhibited at Now Play This » in London.

You can download a PDF here »

Colour as identity in Push Me Pull You »

August 2016

After we released our videogame, the game-development website Gamasutra asked us to write about our design process. I chose to magnify a very specific and thorny problem with its visual design, and explain how we went about solving it as gently as possible.

You can read it online here »

On formalism (re: Mountain; videogames; watching ice melt) »

July 2014

This is a short essay about formalism in videogames, and why that can be a tricky thing to engage with critically.

You can read it online here »

Ecce Homo: Empathy and Vision »

June 2012

This is an exegesis that I wrote in 2012 as part of my Honours degree — a ~7000 word encapsulation of the theoretical core of my practice at that time. It's old, and mostly kind of a florid mess, but it still stands as a semi-cogent treatise on why I have (or had) such a reverence for the human body in representational art.

You can download a PDF here »